Having received no response from Hutchinson regarding the failures of their product, I post my experience here, hoping that others may benefit from the information.

This year I bought a set of the Fusion 3 tubeless ready tires and also had a failure (?) Anybody can’t answered me. I mounted them on Stans No Tubes 340 Alpha SP-dynamo wheels and only made it 2.890 kms before the front tire started hissing at me and peed Stan’s all over. It would not take any more air without blowing the Stan’s “plug” out. I didn’t try a patch because the hole was really big and can’t used a tube because I wasn’t sure if it would just bulge out through the hole. At 70 kms from home.




It happened again 826 kms after. A bubble appeared and when I stopped to take a photo it broke out! somewhat clogged the leak when the tire was really low.

I noticed a bubble or what looked like a zit on my front tire (Fusion 3’s.) I stopped to check it out and tried to snap a photo when it burst and shot sealant in all directions; the hole wouldn’t seal. Had a tube and was able to finish my ride with a big bubble.



One problem could be considered bad luck; two problems in less than 1000k on a new set of tires – back luck?? – well, I’m just not that unlucky.

So I didn’t recomended it

I’m at this point a VERY disappointed customer of Hutchinson’s. In my humble opinion, the 25mm Fusion 3 tires are not ready for prime time. Very sad as we were excited with the true 25mm option in road tubeless on a tire that we had previously had such great experiences on the 23mm version.

So, now I am left with a set of tires that I have no confidence in; a set of tires in the mail and two trashed tires. The retailer has agreed I can send back the tires in the mail to us and (probably) the one failed tire. That leaves me with two tires that I have ZERO confidence in, and one or two trashed (literally or figuratively) tires – that I will not be reimbursed for.

I either recommend Sector 28. They are very slim and I have some flat tires with them. Gravel tires? Don’t make me laugh Hutchinson! 

Are better Panaracer Gravel tires. 26-28mm wide.

By Hutchinson I only recommend the Intensive 2 tub2less tires, which I can ride more than 6.000 k with problems (only I slit one side of the tire, something like that can happen.