Cold, wet, dark, secret training in the forest.

Entertaining evening, though somewhat blurred by the rain.

Daniel and I went out to explore the forest in the darkness.

Though I know the forest is enough to make me get lost in these conditions it was crazy.

Neither my orientation nor my flashlight were as good as I thought.

Proof of this is the map of route, and we were surprised when instead of being on the way back we passed through a tunnel in the same direction again! How could that happen? We was repeating the same boucle again.


Without having been a very successful night (just 40 kms, only 30 in the forest), despite the rain, the dim light, and the cold, I was left wanting more!

Perhaps with practice and knowing the forest better the forest I’ll get back my sense of orientation. For the flashlight, I’ve ordered a really powerful one from China, it’ll arrive in a month.

I hope to return to the forest at night and be better prepared. I need a more powerful flashlight, now!

Some pictures, I promise could be better the next time! 😀